Live the adventure as a team!

Increase cohesion and team spirit within your company: give your employees a unique day that they will never forget!

Speed, action and adrenaline

Your team will learn to organize and help each other in extreme situations (learning to maneuver is on the program for this day, suitable for all levels of sails)!

Supervised by a team of skippers, true professionals in ocean racing, your team will discover the vertigo of being on board this Formula 1 of the seas.

Out of original ideas to thank your partners?

Organize a unique outing and surprise your partners by offering them a day of thrills aboard the Ultim'Emotion 2!
They will enjoy sailing on this legendary 80-foot boat (Ex-Prince of Brittany) and discovering the joys of ocean racing by sliding at more than 30 knots on the ocean.

The benefits of sailing for your business - unite a team

Sailing, and more particularly ocean racing, is a sport that requires organized teamwork.
"We are all on the same boat"
A management method often used by managers to optimize employee engagement in their business: the metaphor of the boat.
Indeed, we need the qualities and skills of everyone on a boat to move it forward, just like in a business to optimize its productivity.
Sailing on our trimaran in a 100% racing configuration means actively participating in the maneuvers by organizing as a team, always seeking more speed by adapting to the gaits under the expertise of our professional skippers, experiencing thrills by sliding at more than 30 knots and offer your employees / partners an outing they will not soon forget!
  1. Cohesion within your team
  2. Learn to work together and trust each other
  3. Discover your colleagues / employees outside the workplace
  4. Exceptional memories forging a "corporate" spirit
  5. Go from "cooperation" to "collaboration"!


Proceedings for a « Team Building » outing

Before the outing
  • Contact us by mail or by phone so we can define together the offer that suits your project the most.
  • We define together a date and we come up to logistical details.
On the trimaran
  • Become a helmsman: Supervised by professional skippers, you will have the opportunity to take the helm and perform maneuvers. Hoist the sails, sit at the helm and set off to conquer the open sea!
  • Experience speed: Our maxi trimaran of 80 feet, programmed in a 100% racing configuration, provides a wide range of emotions. Vibrate and experience the great thrill by experiencing a speed greater than 30 knots!
  • Maneuver and live strong emotions: Sailors for a day or sailing enthusiasts are invited to familiarize themselves with maneuvers such as hoisting the sails, to control the tension of the sails with the winch, to switch to the chart table, or even to master navigation on a hull! Everything is supervised by a three-professionals-crew, who adapts to the level of each. No level is required, novices accepted.
  • Unite your team in the cohesion of a successful maneuver!
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Leave calm, the Grand Large Emotion team takes care of everything!
  • You are driven by shuttle from the boarding quay to the Trimaran Ultim'Emotion 2.
  • We provide you with all the necessary equipment: sailing jacket and overalls.
  • Once on the boat, you benefit from a complete training supervised by professionals.
  • You participate in maneuvers and piloting, like a skipper!
  • A question ? Contact us at +33 69 840 25 50

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